Gas Boilers & Central Heating

At Miller Energy boiler changes and central heating works really are our bread and butter, we therefore have gained a wealth of experience in changing and specifying the correct boiler that best fits our customer’s needs.

Not sure what sort of boiler you need, the difference between boilers or what would work in your home? Don’t worry you’re not alone!

This situation is far more common than perhaps you realise, that’s why we offer free advice to answer your questions simply filling the blanks to enable you to make a decision you are happy with regarding the correct appliance for you and your home.

Simply put, we give you the facts, you decide!

All boilers we recommend come with a minimum 7 years manufactures warranty giving maximum piece of mind (terms apply).

Magnetic Filtration

This is a filter that can be connected to your central heating system which ultimately holds any ‘sludge’ or debris/contaminates and hold it to stop it going through your system and making it less effective or damaging your new boiler.  They come in various shapes and sizes and there are now multiple companies making their own version. Although there is no requirement to have a magnetic filter fitted, these simple devices are an invaluable addition to any system, requiring little maintenance and help prolong the life span of your boiler. We at Miller Energy strongly recommend having one fitted with a new boiler/heating system to enable you to have more years of trouble free heating/hot water.

How they work

Fitted on to the return pipe to the boiler they filter out sludge that naturally builds up in your system and holds it within the unit preventing it from entering your new boiler making it easy to remove with limited fuss, and in most cases, without the need to drain the system. This is all included as part of our annual boiler service and also gives us a good indication as to how clean the inside of your system is. The cleaner the system, the happier the boiler!

gas boiler central heating repair installation teignmouth

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gas boiler central heating repair installation teignmouth

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